Free Shipping to SG, Malaysia & Indonesia for orders over $30.
Free Shipping to SG, Malaysia & Indonesia for orders over $30.
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Our Story

A brief history

Suavesmith started when I noticed accelerated hair loss with the everyday wax I was using. With a strong determination to preserve whatever foliage I had left, I grabbed my co-founder and embarked on a side-project to figure this out.

Soon we realized the common problem with garden-variety hair products is the fact that most are oil-based, and oils tend to clog hair follicles and cause oily scalps. The fact that oil-based products are also much harder to rinse off exacerbated the problem - if you're like me, 5 minutes in the shower is already too long!

So we started this company in the early months of 2018, after stints in various multinational corporations, we left our jobs armed with a conviction to build a great hair product company. We spent our first year creating our first collection, understanding pomade formulation, visiting supply chains and building out knowledge in all the other operational aspects related to this trade.

We launched suavesmith with two debut products; a premium water-soluble pomade and matte wax, designed to withstand the punishing Singapore weather, yet free of all harsh/harmful chemicals fit for everyday use.

Our vision is to grow suavesmith into a leading men's grooming store featuring premium quality, boutique men's grooming brands curated for the modern gentleman.

Justin & Stuart


At suavesmith, we run on three principles:

  1. Create and formulate great products
  2. Serve our customers like we would want to be served
  3. Give back to our community

What we stand for

We constantly strive to be the best versions of ourselves, endeavoring to perform at the highest level possible in every aspect of life; a conviction that is deeply embedded in our team and culture. We want the same for our tribe and our mission is to assist in that pursuit.