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The Suavesmith Difference

We know how it feels to be frustrated with inferior hair products.

The bad hair days can take a toll on one's confidence, but with your new Suavesmith hair products, those days are but a thing of the past.

With our premium men's styling products, you won't just look good - you'll feel good.

Need a textured look or going to be running around all day?

Choose the Suavesmith Matte Wax.

Preparing for that date or job interview and need a more polished look?

Choose the Suavesmith Classic Pomade.

One thing's for sure - at the end of the day, regardless of your choice, simply wash your hair with water and a little bit of shampoo to remove the product, and you'll have your hair feeling as fresh as ever.


"A strong hold matte wax that performs well and up to par with what it is advertised to do. The Suavesmith Matte Wax allows for great control and lightness... "

- Harrison, The Pomp
Authority On Men's Grooming


"It's easy to comb, has no flakes and results in an elegant and neater look to my hair."

- Kevin Sinarli, YouTuber
Men's Fashion Influencer With 140,000 Subscribers

Editor's Choice


Suavesmith was chosen as the Augustman Editor's choice in October 2019, beating out hundreds of competing products. What makes us special you ask? Here are 7 reasons why!

  • 1. Strong hold: great for hair lengths from short to long, Suavesmith will have a firm hold that lasts an entire day.
  • 2. Great for our climate: formulated to battle the humidity of our climate. Our products will help your hair maintain it's volume.
  • 3. Awesome scent: with its fresh cologne smell which doesn't overpower, you'll not only look good, you'll smell good too!
  • 4. Non-drying: won't pull or dry out your hair, with Suavesmith your hairstyle will remain pliable.
  • 5. Water-soluble: wash our product right out of your hair easily with just water and a bit of shampoo.
  • 6. Easy-restyling: need to freshen up or restyle your hair throughout the day? Easy! Just add some water to restyle.
  • 7. Non-flaking: the Suavesmith range was designed never to flake, enabling you to head out with confidence and gusto.

Because First Impressions Matter

The Suavesmith Classic Pomade and Matte Wax enables it's users to look professional and stylish. With a strong hold and matte or medium shine finish, you'll be able to pull off a range of hairstyles. Always on the go? Fear not with our product's easy restyle-ability, just add some water to re-activate the product. Our water-based products ensure cleaning up is a breeze, just wash with water and the product comes right off.

"Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them."
- William Arthur Ward

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