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Free Shipping to SG & Malaysia for orders over $20 USD.
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Our award-winning hair styling formulations. The choice picks of fashion editors and men alike all over the world.



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Simple, Well-Made Formulations

At Suavesmith, we formulate great hair products so looking good becomes easy.

It's why we use proper ingredients, engineer water soluble compounds and reduce product mark-ups.

We believe looking good is a starting point that snowballs into other aspects of life.

And we want to make it easy for everyone to start.


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"Recently I bought 1 to try. When opened up the packaging, I was surprised to find a handwritten card, it was an amazing feeling. Well done team! I love the wax sweet smell, holding power & of course easy to wash. Will definitely continue to support"


2 DEC 2019, 12:21

"Was amazed at how great the product is. Also has a great scent. Would totally purchase this product again."

Dil. S

15 DEC 2019, 14:42

"I bought the bundle of both types (wax & pomade) to have a flexibility on my look based on my mood or occasion. Overall, both products are very satisfying, a very good product and highly recommended. This is a must for every guy's grooming kit.Thanks bros for this awesome product, will definitely purchase again!"

Edwin C

16 DEC 2019, 16:47

"I’ve been looking for a good hair styling product which is gentle on my scalp and I’m Glad that I finally found it. Keep it up guys!!"

Francis S.

9 JAN 2020, 20:29

"Received it in a week! Love the quality and the smell. One feedback though. As much as I like the tin, it does take some time to open and close it tight as mine dried out from not closing properly previously. Maybe can consider designing a casing that would open and shut more easily? Just a suggestion - do keep up the good job!"

Jonathan S.

21 JAN 2020 12:19

"Fuss free, saves time, great scent, no mess or stickiness. Overall, truly one of the best hair products I have come to enjoy using and happy to say that this product will stick around for good! good job boys!"

Edmund Q.

20 JAN 2020, 15:54

"This is the best hair product I ever used! Hold throughout the day even in humid conditions. Best of all is the fact that it does not feel heavy at all compared to other products."

Alvin H.

17 JAN 2020, 21:09

"Both are excellent in holding my mid length hair in Singapore weather. It smells nice, is not too sticky and holds well without cloying feeling. I have stopped looking for other hair products and will stick to use suavesmith pomades only from now on!"

Adrian W.

5 JAN 2020, 19:32

"I always had issues with hair styling products. Tried, pomades, wax, putty, spray, tonic, gels. Always felt heavy on the hair and afterwards, "ACNE"! I've been using Suavesmith Texturing Matte Wax for over a week and it felt great! I don't feel the weight, acnes are not popping up, it's easily washed away with water, and smells nice. Will definitely reorder."

Bramantyo S.

16 OCT 2019, 12:04

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Application Guide

1. Choose Wax or Pomade

2. Apply on dry hair

3. Style to satisfaction

4. Look great

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