Free Shipping to SG & Malaysia for orders over $20 USD.
Free Shipping to SG & Malaysia for orders over $20 USD.
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We believe together we can
make a big difference.

Simple, well-made formulations.

It's time to clean up.

Because first impressions matter.

At Suavesmith, we formulate great hair products so looking good becomes easy. It's why we use proper ingredients, engineer water soluble compounds and reduce product mark-ups. We believe looking good is a starting point that snowballs into other aspects of life. And we want to make it easy for everyone to start.


Designed to perform

We spent months finding the best ingredients and mixed in the right concentrations. Prioritizing hair care, we use ingredients that help moisturize, get rid of excessive sebum and are easily washable, all without compromising the styling functionality. The result? Our formulations are simply great. We use it everyday.


Your best version

The idea of being one's best version of themselves is an extremely powerful one. It's a cliche, we know. But it is a notion everyone here at team Suavesmith lives and breathes. And through the products we create, we believe we can make a difference in our community.

It starts with a desire to be better.

We can achieve so much by aspiring to be our best self. And we may never truly attain perfection, but we will never stop trying.

Hi, we're Suavesmith.

We were two average guys looking for simple hair products that worked well, smelt great and washed out easily.

We spent a year creating our first collection, understanding pomade formulation, visiting supply chains and building out knowledge in all the other operational aspects related to this trade. We launched Suavesmith with two debut products; a premium water-soluble pomade and matte wax, designed to withstand the punishing Singapore weather, yet free of all harsh chemicals and fit for daily use..

Our approach is simple: We focus firstly on quality; our products need to be great. Second, we want to do our best to keep our prices affordable. And finally, we want you to have a great experience with us and our products.

Happy shopping!

Justin & Stuart