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Free Shipping to SG & Malaysia for orders over $20 USD.
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The 7 Reasons Why

7 Reasons Why Guys Are Upgrading to Suavesmith
Garden-variety hair products are mostly oil-based and oils tend to clog hair follicles. Here are 7 reasons why Suavesmith is the best alternative for you.
1. Formulated to be gentle on sensitive scalps. Say goodbye to an oily and itchy scalp. Infused with natural active ingredients, our products are free from harsh chemicals, allowing you to have maximum hold without compromising scalp health.
2. Water-soluble and easy to wash off. Does your hair feel clumpy and heavy even after a wash? With water-soluble properties, our pomades and waxes wash off easily without any residue, leaving your hair feeling as fresh as ever.
3. Perfect for hot & humid weather. If there’s one thing that most men complain about, it’s the humid weather and flat hair. Worry not, our products are guaranteed to maintain a stronghold throughout the day even during humid weather.
4. Recommended by AUGUSTMAN. With over 300+ reviews from our loyal customers and an exclusive feature in AUGUSTMAN, you can never go wrong with our products. Deemed as the editor’s top pick, our hair products can both enhance waves and maintain hairstyles even during a rigorous workout or a casual day out.
5. Honest prices. At Suavesmith, you can purchase premium quality hair products at prices that you’ve got to have! With fair prices and no upcharges, you are sure to get hair products that are worth the money.
6. We serve our customers like we would want to be served. Our customers are the very foundation of Suavesmith. With a 100% quality guarantee and 30-day refund/exchange policy, we are committed to making sure each customer gets a satisfactory experience shopping and using our products.
7. Great smelling. When it comes to hair pomades and waxes, our favorites are always the ones that smell the best. Our pomades and waxes have a citrusy yet refreshing scent that is sure to leave your hair smelling great. It is present yet not too overpowering; just the way a good pomade smell should be.