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10 Grooming Hacks That We Swear By

Contrary to the popular notion that men are always in a hurry and don’t care about looks, they, too, want to look good and attractive. However, most men lack some basic grooming routine for taking care of their skin and hair. For this reason, they cannot bring the best outlook out of them. If this sounds like you, below are ten simple grooming hacks that don't take much time and you can definitely swear by.

Visit your Barber More Often

Adopt a habit of sitting in a barber’s chair whenever you notice your hair needs some trimming. This means you are proactive instead of reactive. While some may be okay with monthly appointments, others have to settle for triweekly or fortnight visits. For example, if you have locks, your hair needs increased attention because of growth spurt, etc. 

When in doubt, visit a professional barber because they can help pick a hairstyle that looks similar to a celebrity you like and matches your face shape. There’s a reason why Ryan Gosling and David Beckham often always look incredible is the fact that they prefer to keep their necklines, hairlines and blends around their ears to look natural and unnoticeable even if their hair grows out. 

Use the Best Hair Products 

Now even though Zac Efron says he simply goes to bed and relies on his hair to style itself in the morning, you don’t have to believe in him. It’s still best to develop a hair routine like Channing Tatum. 

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The thing is no one hair product fits all hair types. This means, if your hair is thick and unruly, go for products like classic pomade and matte wax from Suavesmith. In contrast, those with fine heads or who have no hair should go for products that complement their style.  

Remove Dead Skin from your Lips and Use Moisturizing Sheet Masks 

Exfoliating your lips makes your lips look better and more kissable. Suppose you don’t have time to exfoliate your lips with a scrub. Use a toothbrush instead to act as a quick exfoliator. You can even use a moisturizing face sheet mask and use the remaining essence on your lips and hands just like Ricky Martin

Drop Shaving Cream and Go for Hair Conditioner

Shaving creams can be harsh on your skin and cause dryness or itching in your groin area, especially in summer. But if you use a hair conditioner, it moisturizes your skin and prevents dryness or itching. 

Use Tissue to Pop Pimples

This goes without saying: No one wants pimples on their face. Don’t burst them anyhow. Use a tissue to squeeze while covering your fingertips. Doing so helps prevent bacteria from spreading through your fingertips. It also reduces the chances of cutting your face with your fingernails.  

Premium Photo | Young businessman man with a beard in a jacket, pointing to  an unhappy pimple on his forehead, an ugly acne infection. acne and skin  problems.

Use Natural Remedies to Neutralize Bad Breath

Bad breath results from many elements, including bacteria build-up. To neutralize, you can chow down some parsley or lemon slices. Parsley contains a natural deodorizer, called chlorophyll, while acidity levels in lemon neutralize garlic smell. 

Make Hair Less Frizzy Hair Using Hand Cream

When outside, your hair may become kinky and messy because of dirt, rain, or air pollution. In such a case, pour a small amount of hand lotion into your palm, rub your palms, and apply it to your hair. It makes it smoother and shinier. 

Find A Signature Scent

Complement your scent with colognes and aftershaves. Please don’t overdo it with ten different fragrances. Instead, look for at least two that make you feel great and confident about yourself. 

Take A Shower Before Shaving

Most men shave their beards before jumping into the bathroom. This is not a good ritual. Why? Because hair follicles are hard, hence why it’s challenging to shave. However, taking a shower before shaving makes the follicles softer and easier to shave.

Protect Your Skin While Sleeping

Dirt and oil from hair products can get in contact with your face while sleeping and cause harmful reactions. If not careful, skin problems like acne might pop up. That’s why you should wear a headscarf or a beanie (think of Harry Styles) when sleeping. This prevents hair contact with your face, meaning no dirt or oil touches your skin.

To sum up, these grooming hacks are just a few. The list is endless. If you are a man, do your research and learn other life-enhancing grooming tips.   

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