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Should You Try Cutting Your Own Hair?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, ‘I need to cut my hair’? Perhaps not once or twice, but several times. But really, is it a good idea to cut your own hair? That's the question this article seeks to answer. So if you already have your hair cutting scissors or clippers ready, kindly pause and read this article!

Should you go for it or not? 

If trimming your hair is what you want, purchase clippers that have an adjustable lever. Before you start, use your hand to know the hair growth direction; ensure you have a wall mirror and handheld mirror to help track progress; dampen your hair and remove tangles and gunk. Then, choose one of these haircuts that are barber-approved to try at home:


Trimming is simple and easy. Use the hair trimmers to clean up sideburns, adjust to the desired length, and slightly shave off strands near the earlobes. For the back of your head, seek help from one of your family members or roommate and have them run the trimmer above your neck on the edge of your hairline for a neater finish. 


This haircut works well for guys who have medium-length hair. It involves shaving the sides and back while leaving the top untouched. 


This has to be the easiest option. It entails choosing the clip guard level you want from number one to five (the highest). Start from the top of your head, run the clippers down to the sides of your head. Make sure you cut against the direction of your hair growth.


The safest way is to style your hair as it grows until you visit the barber instead of cutting it yourself. There are so many styling options out there, plus you can use Suavesmith products such as their Classic Pomade and Matte Wax to style and enhance the appearance of your hair. At least this way, you won't be risking cutting your own hair awkwardly. 

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