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How To Get Hair Like Harry Styles

Harry is a renowned music icon and fashionable modern pop star. Before that, he was a contestant on X Factor UK and later became a band member of the music group, One Direction. Now, he thrills fans as a solo musician and is a talented actor as well. However, what makes him stand out and look great is the fantastic hairstyles he keeps rocking now and then.

Harry's hairstyles are not only charming and flirty, but add a whole new superstar appearance that can't go unnoticed. Indeed, his hairstyles are popular, and people love to pull off his hairstyles too. Below are a few Harry Styles hairstyles you can go for and get your hair looking great. 

For Short Hair Styles

The Mop Top

Harry Styles 2010

Getty Images

For this style, your hair should be at least 7.6 to 10.2 cm long so that it can create a lion's mane look. Then create deep side parts and damp the central part of your hair and comb to fall free on whichever side. Remember to apply Suavesmith Texturing Matte Wax to help tighten, form curls, and manage the shape itself. And finally, use an air dryer to dry moisture and create a loose natural vibe.

The Dunkirk Style

Harry Styles - Dunkirk Movie Hair Style


Harry used this haircut when shooting the movie Dunkirk. To create the hairstyle, grade the back and both sides (about 5,1-7.6 cm). Spritz damp hair using a sea salt spray to create more texture and volume on the top side. After which, you blow-dry backward and put a small amount of Suavesmith Classic Pomade in your palms, then apply to your hair. It will help your hair hold and shine.     


For Longer or Shoulder Length Hair Styles

Use a Headscarf or Bandana to Maintain Longer Curls

Harry Styles - hair with bandana


Harry used accessories to keep his wild curls in check. This allowed the curls to dry and hang naturally, then rolled them up with a silk headscarf or bandana around the head, which keeps the hair swept backward from your forehead. Besides, you can try experimenting with different colors and hairstyles, as Harry does on frequent occasions.            

Ponytails or Man Bun Style

Harry Styles half up man bun
The ponytail is one of the common hairstyles Harry likes to style. Likewise, the style never disappoints and instead compliments his personality. It's a style you can try if your hair is shoulder-length. It involves pulling your hair up in a laidback position and holding it using a hairband. Again, you can add some athletic vibe by pushing a small cloth headband to help secure the hair. However, if you find this style boring, you can always loosen your ponytail or wrap a half ponytail style for extra comfort and style.          


There’s a Harry hairstyle for everyone. Whether you like your hair short and choppy, or prefer it as shoulder-length and accessorized with a bandana, there’s no denying that experimenting and going for styles that suit you the best is exciting. So if you want to rock any of Harry Styles' hair styles, we recommend you to go to a salon and use sensational hair products from trustworthy companies like Suavesmith to get the job done.               

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