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5 Reasons Your Scalp Itches (And How To Treat It!)


An itchy scalp makes people scratch constantly especially in the kind of weather in Singapore. In some cases, it’s not just dandruff and the problem could be something else. For instance, many conditions may also lead to an itchy scalp, such as an autoimmune condition, bacterial infection, or ringworm, to name a few. Therefore, before opting for a cure or treatment plan and using random hair styling products, it’s better that we identify the possible reasons behind the problem first. Given below are 5 common causes and possible remedies for an itchy scalp.

1. Dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis

Yeast lives on the hair areas of the human body, including the head. An overgrowth of yeast on the scalp may cause people to feel itchy, which is the inflammatory response of the body.


For mild itching, an over-the-counter shampoo can be a good choice as long as it contains zinc pyrithione or selenium. These two ingredients can help control the overgrowth of yeast.

2. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is on the list of chronic autoimmune diseases that may cause scaly, reddish, and raised patches on the scalp or other areas of the body. Although this disease doesn’t spread from one person to another, people may get it if one of their family members has it.


A shampoo containing salicylic acid or coal tar may work against scalp psoriasis. But if this doesn’t seem to give the desired results, a dermatologist can prescribe something better.

3. Tinea capitis

Tinea capitis, aka ring worm or fungal infection, may infect the scalp. Usually, this type of fungal infection infects the hair follicle. As a result, hair loss in round patches may happen on the head. With time, this round patch may continue to expand if not taken care of.


An over-the-counter antifungal solution may help get rid of the infection.

4. Head lice

Like kids, adults may also get head lice even if they don’t practice good hygiene and have clean hair. If we take a closer look at people who have it, we may spot tiny eggs of lice attached to their hair strands on the head or we may see it crawling on their clothes. 


An over-the-counter shampoo that contains permethrin or pyrethrin (insecticides) may help eliminate head lice.

5. Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions may occur in response to atopic dermatitis, eczema, and hair dyes. Typically, this type of allergic reaction is temporary and may go away in a few days if we avoid using a shampoo, hair styling product or soap that we may be allergic to or contains bad formulation. 


If the problem doesn’t go away on its own, it’s better to get in touch with a specialist. The specialist will run some tests for proper diagnosis and treatment.

When should we contact a specialist?

It’s better to contact a specialist if there is a serious problem to deal with. Given below are some of the indicators that a specialist must be contacted:

  • The itchy areas are tender
  • There are a lot of nits or lice in the hair
  • The itchiness is causing sleepless nights
  • Over-the-counter shampoos are not working

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